How Engineers Should Use This Site

The primary role of this site is to assist design engineers, in quickly and easily identifying components from manufacturers that are IBC® compliant.

Any component type that has received a VMA number and is listed on this site is your assurance that it has been independently tested for seismic qualification and certification in full compliance with the:

  • International Building Code® (IBC®)             
  • ICC-ES AC156
  • Chapters 16 & 17, ASCE7-10/16 Section 29.5 or ASCE7-05 Section 29.4 

For your convenience, if we are aware that components obtaining a VMA number have also received an OSP number (OSHPD Special Seismic Certification preapproval OSP number for jurisdiction in California hospitals), then we have listed the OSP number with a link to the OSHPD website as part of this listing.

As the first organization to be recognized as a Certified Seismic Qualification Agency for compliance with the IBC, The VMC Group follows the rigorous and proven IBC®/OSHPD Signature Methodology™ process on each component submitted, including development of component matrices, preliminary structural analysis to determine the test plan, in-depth structural analysis and mathematical modeling and shake table testing  to quantify performance, and recommended design or installation modifications to meet or exceed compliance parameters.

In addition, to maintain a certificate of compliance, the component manufacturer must agree to an engineering and quality assurance audit of the component at their manufacturing facility by The VMC Group, providing you assurance that every VMA number you spec is not only certified, but audited to ensure that full compliance is maintained.